Matthew P. Thomas is a professional artist, designer, and woodworker. He designs custom heirloom furniture with figured and distinct wood. He creates sculptural forms to highlight the natural decay of wood with striking formal lines. Whether art or function, he strives for the most perfect craftsmanship in every piece he creates.

In working primarily with naturally fallen trees or driftwood, he finds inspiration in the unique natural defects that each piece of wood offers. His work often combines the rough curvature of unworked wood with modern, minimalist lines, juxtaposing the modern and organic. He strives to create art and furniture that is at once striking from a distance and captivating up close.

His designs may start with a pen and paper or may be inspired organically from a unique piece of wood found on a beach or half buried in a forest. Matthew relies heavily on hand cut joinery and detailed handwork in a way that honors the wood and the craftsmen who have come before him.  This approach makes every piece truly unique and often unrepeatable.

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